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New York

Entering the United States in style

New York City — a well-known hub and an excellent and exciting destination for travellers from all over the world. With its extensive transportation network, plentiful hotel inventory and top-notch meeting hotels, along with its wealth of other meeting venues both traditional and non-traditional, New York City offers a world-class destination with a robust infrastructure that can accommodate events of all sizes.

The finance, insurance, real estate and media industries form the very heart of the city's own economy, nearly 50 Fortune 500 companies are headquartered in NYC.

Who We Are

The team is strong, highly motivated and already establishing a significant presence of AIM Group inside the Big Apple as well as in the East Coast. The team has vast experience in the events industry, solid experience in the management of corporate events, corporate pharma business, DMC and association management.

Expertise & Services

In December 2015, AIM Group International, in order to strengthen its US position entered in an agreement with  The Herlitz Company, Inc. in the United States, a leader in medical meeting and exhibit management and advertising sales for over 75 years.

Having handled some of the largest and fastest growing scientific meetings in the world, The Herlitz Company brand offers the gold standard in the healthcare meetings industry.  Their portfolio of shows includes the world's most respected conference and medical and healthcare trade shows.

Going forward, as part of AIM Group International, it is assured that all events are conceived, developed and launched in close consultation with industry partners to ensure that they are timely, relevant and directly targeted to our clients’ needs.


Close up of Kristofer  Herlitz
Kristofer Herlitz
Managing Director


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