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Full day visit

  • Pick-up at the Grimaldi Forum at 10.00 a.m. and arrival to St Jean Cap Ferrat:

The Belle Epoque Villas
imgYou can visit one of the most beautiful villas on the peninsula which is open to the public and is like a palace from "The Thousand and One Nights": the Villa Ile de France. This mansion is decorated with the treasures of the baroness Béatrice Ephrussi de Rothschild. More than 5000 works of art are displayed, together with an impressive collection of furniture, lamps and carpets. The visit continues in the gardens of the villa surrounded by the sea.
The Baroness Ephrussi de Rothschild was inspired by her travels to create 7 gardens designed around several themes...

Departure for Villefranche sur Mer:

lunch at the restaurant “La Mère Germaine” on the Port of Villefranche.

  • imgDeparture for Beaulieu:

Visit of the Greek Kerylos’ Villa
One manifestation of its Belle Époque excess is the extravagant Villa Kerylos, a mansion built in 1902 in the style of classical Greece.

  • Departure for Monaco (estimated arrival time at around 6.00 p.m.)




  • Pick-up at the Grimaldi Forum at 10.00 a.m. and arrival at Eze Village:

All the morning at Eze Village, visit of the Village and its Exotic Gardens and finally of the perfumery Galimard.

Eze Village

imgEze is a medieval village perched like an eagle’s nest on a narrow rocky peak overlooking the Mediterranean sea. The ancient fortified village is still crowned with the ruins of its 12th-century fortified castle (torn down in 1706).

The old buildings and narrow streets are very well restored, with high stone walls and narrow roadways of red-brick centred stone. The narrow roads wind their way upward to the well sign-posted Jardin Exotique, and from the top (429 m) you'll have a good view of the coast.

Guided tour of the famous «Eagle’s Nest» of Eze Village with vaulted passage ways full of craft shops, that lead through the old town to its beautiful exotic garden offering a charming view over the Riviera. You will have the chance to visit the famous perfume factory Galimard.

Departure for Monaco around 12.30 a.m. and lunch at the “Castelroc”, which is a typical Monegasque restaurant.

  • Afternoon: Visit of the Rock of Monaco, Cathedral and Oceanographic Museum.

The rock of Monaco

Monaco-Ville, also known locally as "le rocher" or "the rock", is one of the four quarters or districts of Monaco. Monaco-Ville is an old fortified town — some of the ramparts still remain— and is situated on a rocky promontory that extends into imgthe Mediterranean Sea. Next door to the Palais is the Cathedral de Monaco, a Romanesque-Byzantine church that contains the remains of many former princes.

imgDespite being located in the world's most densely populated country, Monaco - Ville is still a medieval village at heart, made up almost entirely of quiet pedestrian streets and marked by virtual silence after sundown. Not too far is the Oceanographic Museum which was inaugurated in 1910 by Monaco's most important reformer, Prince Albert I. This monumental architectural work of art has an impressive façade towering above the sea. The basement of the museum showcases a spectacular array of flora and fauna. 4000 species of fish and over 200 families of invertebrates can be seen.

  • End of the Visit ( estimated arrival time at the Grimaldi Forum Monaco at around 6.00 p.m.)



  • Pick-up at the Grimaldi Forum at 2.00 p.m. and arrival in Nice:

Arrival at Matisse Museum (visit)

imgMatisse Museum

This completely renovated 17th-century Genoan-style villa in the heart of the olive grove in the Gardens of Cimiez houses the personal collection of  the great Fauvist painter who lived in Nice from 1917 until his death in 1954.

Works from all periods of his life offer a comprehensive panorama: from the first paintings made in 1890 to the famous gouache cut-outs, 236 drawings, 218 engravings and the complete presentation of the books illustrated by the artist.

  • Departure for “Collines de Cimiez” and “Les Ruines de Cimiez”

Hilles of Cimiez

Ca 300 BC, the Massaliots were taking victory upon the Barbarians and img were founding NIKAIA - which means "victorious" -, a commercial counter by the sea front, on the slopes of the castle. 154 BC, the Romans built a second city, CEMENELUM, next to NIKAIA, on the hills of Cimiez. The ruins of the thermae and the arenas revealed that the city was 15000 to 20000 inhabitants big.

  • Departure for the Marc Chagall Museum (around 4.00 p.m.)

Marc Chagall Museum

imgMarc Chagall is famous for his works inspired by Jewish folklore, and imgthis museum reveals a deeply mystical poet. Chagall was born in Russia in 1887 and died near Nice at St Paul-de-Vence in 1985. His interpretations of the Bible are presented on vast canvasses, blending candid forms with a poetry of colours. This bright and  spacious (900m²) museum displays the works to their full advantage.

  • Departure for Monaco (estimated arrival time at around 6.00 p.m.)




  • Pick-up at the Grimaldi Forum at 9.30 a.m. and arrival at St Paul de Vence:

Visit of the village and cathedral

St Paul de Vence & Vence

Built on its rocky outcrop and surrounded by its ramparts built on the orders of François imgI°, St Paul is certainly one of the most beautiful villages in Provence.
Guided visit of the delicious village with its ramparts overhanging hills of vines and olives. You will discover small paved streets, with many craft shopsimg, little perfumery, art galleries and ceramics workshops. You will enjoy the famous Fondation Maeght which welcomes sculptures of well-known artists like Miro, Braque and Calder. There is the Cathedral Notre Dame, in which are preserved some paintings of Rubens. You will walk along the imgnarrow ways united with little stairs till the « Place aux Aires » and its old houses with irregular archways.

Walk around the narrow and so picturesque streets of the village, from the Porte Royale to the Porte Sud and you will discover magnificent stone façades from the XVI° and XVIII° centuries.


  • Visit of the Fondation Maeght

Maeght foundation

You can find signatures from some of these famous artists at the
Foundation Maeght which has a large collection of paintings, sculptures, drawings and other graphic works from the XX century.



  • Lunch at the famous restaurant “La Colombe d’Or” (St Paul de Vence)

  • Visit of the Rosary Chapelle created by Matisse

Rosary Chapel

On the northern edge of Vence, can be found Chapelle du Rosaire, which belongs to a Dominican convent. It can be recognized by the severely linear representation of Mary, Jesus and St Dominic, by Henri Matisse, to be found over the doorway. The interior was also designed by Matisse (between 1947 and 1951) with bold graphics (black outlines on white ceramic tiles) based on Biblical themes.

  • Departure for Monaco (estimated arrival time at around 6.00 p.m.)




  • Pick-up at the Grimaldi Forum at 9.30 a.m. and arrival at Cannes:

Visit of the “Palais des Festivals et de Congrès” and of the “Pierre Canto Port

Tour of Cannesimg

Guided visit of Cannes, a harmonious union of sea shores and wooded mountainsides, dazzling gardens suspended between the ultramarine sea and the azure sky. You will begin from the Palais des Festivals, which has been from 1946 a rendez-vous for all the great stars of Hollywood, and we walk west to the Port Pierre Canto in the east, to the Croisette that unrolls like a fresco in a symphony of colours.

Visit of the “Suquet” and of the “Castre Museum

After there is « Le Suquet », a little area of Cannes full of legends and traditions. Crowned by the ramparts of the Tour Sarrasine, Le Suquet overlooks the old harbour and bears living witness to the past : Saint Anne’s Chapel (12th century) and the Musée de la Castre. This museum occupies the former Castle of Cannes. The castle was built to protect the harbour and adjoining coast. The castle, an historic monument, has housed the collections of the Museum of Cannes since 1952.

  • Lunch around 12.30 a.m. at the restaurant “Gaston et Gastounette” on the harbour of Cannes
  • Afternoon: Visit of the Galimard perfumery in the small town of Grasse, World Capital of Perfumery. It is there that the House of Galimard Perfumes, founded in 1747, accommodates since many decades the visitors of the whole world, to make them discover their enthralling trade: that of Perfumer-Creator
  • Departure for Monaco (estimated arrival time at around 6.00 p.m.)