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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

It is my great pleasure to welcome you at the XXII World Congress of the International Union of Angiology, organized on June 24th-28th, 2006, at the Lisboa Congress Centre, in Portugal, by Professor José Fernandes e Fernandes. Professor Fernandes e Fernandes, Congress Chair and President Elect of the International Union of Angiology, invited a faculty of international experts in vascular medicine and biology, interventional radiology, cardiology, vascular and endovascular surgery, to participate in this very important scientific event.

Delegates from many countries of the world will meet in Lisboa, to present and discuss the latest advances in vascular research and therapy. The International Union of Angiology has grown considerably in the recent years and we are stronger today than anytime before. In the last 21st IUA World Congress in Rome important changes were made in the Constitution of the Union, with the creation of the Multinational Chapter, including multinational scientific Associations and with the co-optation of National Societies as Associate Members, to enlarge the participation of more scientists in the Administrative Board of the Union and so to increase the growth of the Union. Other Committees were also created, as the Committee on Guidelines, the Committee on Vascular Centres, and two new Councils, on Vascular Biology and Medicine, and on Vascular and Endovascular Surgery, to consent a new expansion of the Union. Members of the Union include over 1600 physicians, surgeons and scientists from the different specialties, who investigate or treat vascular disease.
The IUA today is a multidisciplinary, international umbrella organization of vascular specialists. Professor Fernandes e Fernandes, during a long time of service in the Board of the Union and of other important scientific societies, has strongly contributed to the development of vascular science and also to the growth of the Union. I am sure that the World Congress in Lisboa will be an excellent Meeting, since a very interesting and qualified scientific agenda is combined with a most enjoyable social and cultural programme, including the possibility to visit historical sites of Lisboa and around. Once again I would like to welcome you in Lisboa, Portugal, at the XXII World Congress of the International Union of Angiology, a society of vascular medicine, surgery and endovascular interventions!
Salvatore Novo
President, International Union of Angiology


Dear Friends,

it is with great pleasure that I invite you to participate in the 22nd World Congress of the International Union of Angiology - a Society for Vascular Medicine and Surgery and Vascular Interventions, to be held in Lisboa, in June 2006. The multidisciplinary character of the IUA embodies the true nature of Vascular Science and provides a unique forum for scientific discussions of all critical issues concerning management and care of vascular disorders.


New exciting developments have occurred during the last years that challenged our understanding of vascular diseases and opened new perspectives for a better care of our patients.
These developments have emerged from scientific dialogue between those involved with research in basic sciences, genetics, epidemiology, physiology, biochemistry and biophysics, with the clinicians, angiologists, vascular surgeons and interventionalists, cardiologists, neurologists and internists, thus breaking boundaries between different professionals, specialties and traditional attitudes in the treatment of the vascular patients. IUA is a world society, with several chapters corresponding to all continents and major geographic areas; it aims to foster communication, scientific exchanges and friendship between the world vascular community, and to create a new global, multidisciplinary attitude incorporating all specialties dealing with vascular diseases. Portugal has a unique tradition in the field of Angiology and Vascular Surgery; arteriography was developed in Lisboa through the pioneer investigations by Egas Moniz and Reynaldo dos Santos in 1920’s and, later on, phlebography by Cid dos Santos and lymphography by Hernani Monteiro; João Cid dos Santos introduced endarterectomy, a vascular technique which permitted direct arterial reconstruction in chronic occlusive disease and he has been considered as one of the founding fathers of Vascular Surgery. Lisboa is a beautiful city full of attractions and spectacular sightseeings. Short trips to renowned tourist spots are easy and will be contemplated in the social program. The weather in end of June is sunny, warm and extremely pleasant; I am sure that there will be plenty of entertainment beyond the scientific program that will contribute for a unique and enjoyable stay in our city.

I look forward to welcome you in Lisboa in 2006.

José Fernandes e Fernandes
President-elect of the IUA and Chairman of the Local Organizing Committee

Scientific Secretariat
Prof. José Fernandes e Fernandes

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